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住所: 徳島県川内町大松424-1 Omatsu、 Kawauchi-cho、Tokushima-ken
TEL: 088-665-1201
営業時間: Monday -Saturday 9a.m. -5p.m. Closed:Sunday、Holidays Brewery tours are not allowed.

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Kawauchi-cho is situated the North of Tokushima-shi、 in which the Yoshino river is located. Thanks to the Yoshino river、 since a long time before、 the land in this town has been fertile and the rice farming has been prosperous. Now that it is also a famous of Naruto Kintoki Imo and the lotus root. Even today、 This town is filled with the green rice field and the warterway、 though it takes only some ten minutes from the prefectual office by car. And the cold wind from the ocean makes this area so cold and its air so clear in every winter.
The Yoshida Brewery was established in 1810. The current president、 Mr. Yoshida、 is the 15th generation leader of the family business、 whose ancestor came from Harima along with Hachisuga in the early of the Edo priod. President Yoshida、 who is 57 years old、 raised up seven children. It is not too much to say that he should receive a special prize from the Ministy of Health、 Labour and Welfare worried about pension. Well、 I think that the most laborious would his wife making tea reverently、 not him chuckling “Wahaha”.
To tell the truth、 he is not diligent like the mirror of the brewery. He is said that he has driven for professional of the bicycle rally seriously、 and has traveled mountain through the country for the race of the bicycle rally every week in his young days. However、he retired because of his wife’s negative opinion. Then he was absorbed in making the local town with his superfluous energy、 who became the 33th leader of the Tokushima young person meeting hall. So to speak、 he would not have enough time to make sake at the time. However、 he says that he has started to make sake hardly with changing his mind when he was 40 years old. He seems to be cannot help doing anything completely. Besides、 his mottoes are “I am not affected a trend such as Tanreikarakuchi.” I make sake by myself.” “I make sake that I want to drink.” So he has been making sake with the way might be able to say selfishness.
However、 he told us delightly about his family that his son of the oldest would succeed to his business and he want his grandchildren as many as possible. (I think that only your grandchildren can make the team of American football since you have 7 children.) Though he is 57 years old、 his mind is still so young.

「If you walk a little ways from the national highway in kawauchi-cho、 you can see the rural landscape.」
If you walk a little ways from the national highway in kawauchi-cho、 you can see the rural landscape.

「in front of the brewery」
in front of the brewery

「President Yoshida (Don't shoot my car)」
President Yoshida (Don't shoot my car)
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 まずは、石井町の『吉野川情報館』。ここは、吉野川の南側の土手に造られた『石井町防災ステーション 三郎広場』の一角にある。「三郎」とは恐らく吉野川の別称「四国三郎」からとったものであろう。館内は吉野川の源流から河口に至るまでの資料の掲示がなされている。四方の壁の一角が大型のマルチスクリーンになっているが、折角のスクリーンで民放のワイドショーが流されていたのがちょっと辛い。





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「高瀬潜水橋  車は交差できない。」
「高瀬潜水橋  車は交差できない。」 クリックすると拡大します
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「片側三車線の吉野川大橋 (国道11号線)」
「片側三車線の吉野川大橋 (国道11号線)」
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